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by David O'Neill
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Accompaniment Tracks

Christian Music Sheet Play along with accompaniment tracks arranged for wind and brass players.


Gospel Inspirational
Jazz Contemporary
Rock Big Band
and more...

Brasstrax offers you a wide variety of Christian Sheet Music.

Create Your Own Collection with Brass Trax singles.

Download any single or the entire series !

Each Accompaniment Track comes complete with a Demo and Sheet Music.

Brass Trax are accompaniment tracks arranged with wind and brass players in mind, however, it is not limited to only instrumental music. Vocalists can also use our background music, as the arrangements are unlimited to their use. Instrumental accompaniment tracks are expanding tremendously and are becoming more and more popular and accepted in many different denominations and settings.

Trumpet Sheet MusicWe combine contemporary Christian music accompaniment tracks with Christian sheet music, which helps to create a wonderful worship experience. Accompaniment tracks have helped to expand the variety of Gospel music and contemporary Christian music performance in churches of all denominations. Trumpet sheet music, trombone sheet music, saxophone sheet music, clarinet sheet music and flute sheet music are just some examples of what we offer. Our sheet music can be performed with or without our background music tracks.

Brass Trax provides instrumental background music in many varieties and styles, from contemporary Christian music to great and timeless Gospel music hymns. Music is a valuable and important element in churches today.

Flute Track Music

Trombone MusicBrass Trax provides accompaniment tracks that can be used in a variety of ways, from "call to worship" to "praise and worship" music. Accompaniment tracks can also be used for "special music" and "offertories" as well. Every year Christian music is used in Easter and Christmas pageants, as well as patriotic events.

Saxaphone Sheet MusicBrass Trax has a full range of styles and variety that will suit any need. Each arrangement comes with a demo as well as the accompaniment tracks and sheet music. Every trumpet player, trombone player, saxophone player, clarinet player and flute player prefers sheet music that is written for his or her instrument as well as background music that is compatible.

Brass Trax provides Christian sheet music for most wind and brass players. Along with sheet music we provide instrumental accompaniment tracks.



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