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Join the Brass Trax Team

We at Brass Trax are committed to serving the industry with the very best in quality recordings. We use some of America’s best recording artists and producers. We would like to extend an invitation to you to join the Brass Trax team.


Are you looking to get international exposure for your music?  

We are looking to expand our line of accompaniment tracks and demo artists.

If you have or know of someone that has an instrumental or vocal project and would like to be featured as one of our artists please contact us at .  We will be featuring different artists every month and adding the artistry to our line of accompaniment tracks. This will allow for international exposure as well as royalty income paid out every month to each featured artist.

Imagine having your own recording project 

Sell them, use it as a demo, or just give them to family and friends. We are now offering custom recording contracts and projects. We provide this three different ways.

1. We will lease you 10 cd masters of choice from our current inventory of accompaniment tracks. 

2. We will guide and produce a project for you from start to finish here in our studio in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona. This will include 10 songs from our current inventory, plus artwork and CD covers with shrink wrapping, as well as 200 CDs to start your inventory.

3. We will provide record contracts that will include flying to Nashville TN to record with some of Nashville's notable producers. We will provide 10 tracks by some of America's favorite Gospel artists, as well as producing and guiding the project from start to finish. This contract will provide a finished master, artwork and CD covers with shrink wrapping and 250 CDs to start your inventory as well as being one of our featured artists. Please contact us at


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